Rats In The House Of The Dead

Choujin X volume 3 by Sui Ishida review

Rating: 2/10

I've tried reading the first three volumes of Choujin X, continuously telling myself "it's just a bit slow, it will get better" just because I liked Tokyo Ghoul and I wanted to support Sui Ishida. But three volumes is more than giving something a chance, Choujin X is boring and unimaginative. Superheroes have been done to death, and this brings nothing new to the genre.

If you asked me what the plot was in the three volumes I read I'd be unable to tell you: I had no clue what was going on. It was messy and confusing. The characters are wooden planks, I'm not expecting to know everything about all of them with only three volumes, but they have ZERO personality. Even if you love TG don't bother with Choujin X

Berserk Volume 1 by Kentaro Miura review

Rating: 4.5/10

I know people love Berserk but I was very underwhelmed with the first volume. It felt like violence for the sake of violence, and that violence wasn't that entertaining as well. Maybe it gets better, I'm willing to read another volume.

Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha! by Dragonarow Lee review

Rating: 2/10

That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha is a bad and boring Dragon Ball fanfic which somehow got published by Shonen Jump.

When a nerdy Dragon Ball fan which is definitely not a self-insert tries to see a girl who's wearing a mini-skirt, he ends up falling down some stairs, and wakes up to find himself as Yamcha, the Sakura Haruno of Dragon Ball. What a lame way to die.

The MC is quite obviously a self-insert, oh wow a Dragon Ball fan who ends up in the DB universe, this is definitely not the author's own fantasy! On top of this Yamcha is constantly trying to get into Bulma's pants. Most of the manga is just exactly the same as the original Dragon Ball, but with Yamcha inserted in more.

In short, this book is a lazy, boring and uninspired self-insert fanfic which was actually published. It's sad to think that this was published, if this was made then why don't I make "Mob Psycho 100: That Time I Got reincarnated as Tomie!", it'd probably be better than this.

I Am Not Starfire by Mariko Tamaki review

Rating: 1/10

Wow this was bad, horrifically bad! I Am Not Starfire is about Mandy, an unlikeable brat who is constantly whining about being the kid of a superhero.

I'm okay with unlikeable protagonists, but you need the characters around them to be good people and the MC has to get what they deserve or change themselves into a better person. An example of this is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Greg Heffley is an unlikeable asshole but everything backfires on him. You can also tell that Greg's narcissism is intentional because his best "friend" which he constantly manipulates, Rowley, is a good kid.

Mandy has none of this. She's a shitty person, but has everything work out perfectly fine for her. Her best friend Lincoln is kind of just there and her crush Claire is a boring plank of wood.

Nothing about this book is interesting it's 50% whining, 25% OH CLAIRE, MY CRUSH CLAIRE WHO IS SOOOO PERFECT, 20% I'm not going to college, and 5% superhero fight scene we had to add in to count this as a DC comic.

The art also sucked. I dislike criticising art, because I know how hard it is to draw and art is subjective, but the drawings in this book are just bad. It isn't nice to look at.

So is there any redeeming factors to I Am Not Starfire? No, there is almost nothing I liked about this. The only complement I have is that they didn't make a big deal out of Mandy being gay. Lincoln and Mandy were acting like they had seen two episodes of Daria and made it their whole personality. Don't bother with this comic, it's not even worth it for the laughs.

Zom 100 (vol 1) by Haro Aso review

Rating: 7/10

Zom 100 is alright, it's pretty fun. I have seen the idea of someone seeing the zombie apocalypse as something fun and making a list of the things they want to do before (in a kids book oddly enough), so this book doesn't feel like anything new in that sense.

In all honesty this manga (so far) doesn't seem like anything special, but it was fun and it passed the time.

Pumpkin Heads by Rainbow Rowell review

Rating: 4/10

I wasn’t a fan of Pumpkin Heads for multiple reasons, but before I start talking about why I didn’t like it, I’ll go through what I liked.

The art style was very cute, and I was a fan of the colours used, it felt cosy, I also loved how autumnal it was, autumn is my favourite season, and there aren’t many books set in this season, so this book was a nice change.

Now that I said what I liked, I’ll go through my problems with it.

It was just boring, and the story was pointless. The main characters didn’t learn anything, there was no message, nothing. The book also felt way too long for what it was, it really dragged on. It felt like this comic was made for the sake of making a comic.

The entirety of the book is Josiah (the boy) and Deja (the girl) chasing after this girl Josiah has a crush on, so Josiah can ask her out. At the end of the book Josiah finds the girl and talks to her. Josiah then realises that he doesn’t like her, and guess why Josiah doesn’t like her? After three years of having a big crush on this girl (the book states that it’s been three years and that he is always talking about her, despite never talking to her), he suddenly dislikes her because she only works at the patch so she can talk to her friends. Yes, she is so bad for working someone so she can see her friends. They could have made her very rude to Josiah, but no, this is what they chose.

Then the ending, after realising that the girl wasn’t nice (even though she did nothing wrong), Josiah goes and tells Deja that he no longer likes the girl. Then Deja reveals that she always had a crush on Josiah, and then the two get together. My problem with this ending is that Josiah didn’t have any interest in Deja, he was spending the whole book chasing after a different girl, and when it didn’t work out, he decided to go with Deja. It’s the equivalent of Josiah walking up to Deja and saying, “So it didn’t work out with this other chick, so I guess I’m stuck with you now.”, it just feels like Rainbow Rowell didn’t know how to end the book, and just went with something quick and easy.

One thing I thought was odd, is how it has a very good rating on Good Reads, this shocked me, as most people on Good Reads will only review books if it was terrible, so people must have really loved this book. I think it’s because it’s very easy to read, and the incredibly simple story makes it marketable to almost everyone. So, whilst I disliked this book, most people give it five or four stars, so you may like it, like most of the time I’m in the minority.

Now to end this review, I’ll just make this clear: I don’t hate Pumpkin Heads, I just think that it was a very pointless and unnecessary book, which had potential to be a good and funny book about working at a pumpkin patch.

Lord of the Flies by William Golding review

Rating: 2/10

God this was boring as heck. I had to drink a lot of coffee to get me through reading this without falling asleep.

Lord of the Flies is (supposedly) about a group of boarding school boys who find themselves on a deserted island without any adults around. Slowly they become savages and act like animals.

Sorry William Golding but I don't buy it. I think this could happen, BUT NOT WITHIN A FUCKING WEEK. To explain why I think this book isn't realistic, I'll have to got through the "characters".

The characters (using the word lightly as the characters in Lord of the Flies are more of planks of wood with personalities spray painted over them) are very 2 dimensional. Look, William Golding, if you want me to be invested in your story you need to have decent characters. This is especially true if you're writing something about how people can become barbarous in times of panic. If you want me to believe that this would happen to a person, give them more depth. Now I have said all that, let's go through some of the characters!

Ralph is the main character (I guess) and he starts off being very unlikeable, but halfway through the book the author decided to change his personality, so he's somewhat tolerable. Not much can be said about Ralph, because there isn't much to him, he just fills out the "Leader" role.

Then there's Piggy. Piggy (along with Simon) fill out the "Wise one with common sense" role. He was one of the only characters that was likeable, but that doesn't mean he's a good character. Like everyone else in this book he was boring.

Jack is more of the bad guy. Jack slowly goes insane, hahahaha I'm joking, he doesn't slowly go insane, he just does out of the blue because William Golding has no talent! Jack really likes meat, so he enjoys killing the pigs on the island, and gets upset when he can't go hunting because NO ONE IN THIS FUCKING BOOK CAN GO A DAY WITHOUT EATING MEAT I GUESS! That's what pushes this guy to insanity!

Then there's Simon. Him and Piggy were the only ones I kind of liked. Simon is the smart character and that's it to him. Not much to say besides that.

The other planks of wood- no, characters, are even more boring and completely interchangeable with each other.

I believe that this book and Shakespeare's terrible works are the reason why a lot of teenagers and kids don't like reading. Being forced to read this trash and others like this and being told that they're "classics" and "amazing" must make someone hate reading as a whole.

Anyway, in short, William Golding, along with being a sexual predator also has the writing skills of a ten year old.

Peach by Emma Glass review

Rating: 0.5/10

This is the worst book I've ever read, no exaggeration.

This book clearly had no editors: the grammar is non-existent. It's not "artsy" to have no speech marks, constant full stops or almost no commas, it's dumb and makes your book hard to read. Peach reads like something a six year old has made: they only know capital letters, full stops and spaces. They haven't learned about quotation marks or good grammar yet. Emma Glass has the same amount of writing skills as a young child.

Terrible doesn't describe this book: it goes beyond anyone word for bad.

Avoid Peach no matter what: it's a complete waste of time.

Earthlings by Sayaka Murata review

Rating: 10/10

This book is possibly the most fucked up story in existence, but I liked the book. It requires almost every trigger warning in existence. Incest, murder, child abuse, you name it and this book has it. It's definitely not for sensitive readers, but if you love disturbing and strange stories this is for you. I couldn't help but continue reading.