Rats In The House Of The Dead

Mean Girls (2024) review

Rating: 1/10

I fucking hate this. The songs were complete crap, characters weren't even recognisable: what happened to Regina? Everything was sooooo bad.

Whisper of the Heart review

Rating: 6/10

I love Studio Ghibli, but Whisper of the Heart just isn't for me. The animation was beautiful, but the story was just kind of boring. I probably just didn't get the point, I know loads of people love this film.

Fear Street review

Rating: 7/10

The Fear Street films were alright. They weren't scary but I liked the setting a lot. The first part's 90's setting just felt right for the movie and the camp setting in part two was very Friday The 13th-esque. My complaints are that the third film wasn't as good and the second movie was a bit slow. The Fear Street movies aren't anything special, but they're watchable.